Top 3 Drugstore Makeup Brands

Wanna be an Instagram baddie without breaking the bank? Then you’re in the right place! This blog will feature many ways for you to save money while also indulging in your makeup obsession.

↓ Below are a few of my favorite drugstore makeup brands ↓

Photo by Beata Dudová
Photo by Beata Dudová from Pexels

I live for their dark circle concealer. It’s only $6 and does the job perfectly! I highly recommend their products. They also make very pigmented eye-shadows at a low price. And of course, their lipsticks! They have a wide variety of nudes very similar to Kylie Jenner’s makeup products.

One of the cheapest makeup brands out there! e.l.f. is known for it’s affordable makeup and they actually have really good products.  I currently use all of their skin care products, literally, all of the products. I have sensitive oily skin and their products don’t break out my skin. Not only is their skin care products amazing, but so is their makeup! at $5 a lipstick you can’t go wrong.

Their highlighter. All I have to say is wow! You want a cheap highlighter that’ll make you glow? look no further because it’s blinding and only $5. From nail polish to foundation, they got it all.

Tasha Turner writing for MCJ 104 at Fresno State.


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