Drugstore Makeup and High-end Makeup are the Same. Only Price is the Difference.

In this video, I will be showing you how drugstore makeup can be just as good as high-end by doing a full face of makeup using only drugstore products.

Drugstore makeup is the same as high-end makeup, according to Becca Matuse, a vet
assistant at Clovis Pet Hospital, everyday makeup wearer, and the girl having her makeup done in the video above.

The more popular brands of makeup are just too expensive for everyday use Matuse said. The only high-end makeup she owns are a few eyeshadow pallets, since she finds eye makeup to be the post important part of her makeup routine.

“I always purchase drugstore makeup,” said Matuse. “It does the same exact job as the more expensive brands, so why would I spend more when I could spend less.”

Photo by Ed Schipul from Flickr

A M·A·C employee who wishes to remain anonymous said, “I love high-end brands and will always spend money on expensive makeup, but I also love drugstore makeup too.”

She says that she prefers high-end foundations, lipsticks, and eyebrow pencils. However, for mascara she prefers drugstore since she goes through a lot of tubes of mascara every month.

“In my experience, high-end makeup is easier to make look nice,” said the M·A·C
employee. “Drugstore makeup takes more effort and blending on your part.”

Lucinda Kerner, a makeup artist (M.U.A) at Sephora said she uses both high-end and drug store brands.

“I play around with a lot of makeup looks, so in order to not spend so much, I frequently use drugstore products,” Kerner said.

However, Kerner said she only recommends high-end to people who ask her for advice.

“Maybe I’m being biased because I work at a high-end makeup store,” Kerner said. “But I really do think high end is easier to use and require less work to make look nice.”

Kerner said the most people that ask for her advice seem to not know much about makeup, so she does not think it would be smart to tell them to buy drugstore when that is probably what they have been using previously.

The creators of high-end makeup also created the low-end makeup, according to
beautifulwithbrains.com. The website also states that L’Oréal owns many high-end makeup brands such as Lancôme, Urban Decay, and the Body Shop.

Screenshot (273)Healthyway.com recommends you check the ingredients before spending all your money on a high-end brand. A drugstore brand may have the exact same ingredients for a significantly lower price.

the website said how sometimes high-end and low-end brands will have different ingredients, the majority have the same exact ingredients. If you know what high-end products work for you, check the ingredients; there might be a low-end brand that has the same exact ingredients.

The M·A·C employee said she knew that low-end brands have the same ingredients as high-end brands.

“I have really sensitive skin, so I learned at a young age what ingredients to watch out for and what was good for my skin,” she said. “While checking ingredients, I noticed most had the same ingredients, no matter the brand.”

Since most ingredients are the same in both high-end and drugstore, the reason high-end is so expensive is due to the price of packaging.

Photo from Pixabay

High end beauty products are expensive because they need to be marked up for things like pretty packaging, marketing and brand prestige according to DailyLife.com.

Only 15 percent of what you pay for is the ingredients, according to Quartz Media.

Jackie Juarez, who works at target, said that she will sometimes buy a product because of cute packaging, but only if she wants to support the creator of the brand.

“I love Jeffree Star,” Juarez said. “When he came out with cute bullet lipstick, I went ahead and spent $50 on his lipstick just because I know how much work he put into his brand and felt he deserved my support.”

Kerner said she does not pay much attention to packaging. “Honestly, I already found my go-to products and brands, so even if I see a really cute packaging, I’m not swayed to purchase.”

“If my favorite brand comes out with a cute new packaging, I might purchase,” Kerner said. “It depends how nice it looks and if I need a replacement.”

“The only time I was swayed by packaging was when Jeffree Star came out with his bullet shaped lip sticks,” Matuse said. “They were so cool and he made some amazing colors, I caved and purchased two.”

Since ingredients in high-end and low-end are the same, according to DailyLife.com, you’re only paying for the product to look pretty when you purchase high-end.

Women in the U.S. will spend an average of $15,000 on makeup in a lifetime, according to Quartz Media. That’s a lot of money in a lifetime.

“I spend probably $200 every two months on makeup,” Kerner said. “Every two months I find myself needing new foundation and setting powder, I go through it very fast.”

Juarez; however, said she only spends $50 to $100 a month. “I don’t find myself needed new makeup every month, sometimes I’ll go five months without needing new foundation,” she said. She also said she does not wear makeup daily.

“I’m not surprised $15,000 is an average a woman will spend on makeup in her lifetime,” Matuse said. “If she wears makeup everyday of the week, you’ll be having to buy new products quite frequently.”

Back in high school, when Matuse would wear makeup Monday through Friday and then wear even more makeup on Sundays, she said she would go through her tube of foundation in two to three weeks.

As for myself, I try to wear makeup whenever I can, which is normally on special occasions and when I’m able to wake up early enough to have time; However, I used to be one of those girls that had to have high-end brands of makeup. It wasn’t until I discovered there isn’t much of a difference between high end and low-end that I changed my views.

I remember being 18-years-old and purchasing a $50 Urban Decay Naked eye-shadow palette. Looking back, the pigment isn’t the best despite me dropping a large sum of cash on it.

Urban Decay (top) $54 and Wet n’ Wild (bottom) $6.99

Compared to Wet n Wild’s Nude Awakening palette there isn’t much of a pigment difference between Wet n Wild and the Urban Decay Naked palette, as the photo above shows.

Desiree Robles, a retail worker at Hot Topic and makeup wearer, said she has never purchased high-end makeup in her entire life.

“I never found the need to,” she said. “I was brought up buying makeup from target as a teen and it worked for me so why would I want to bother trying other products.”

Robles said she does not understand how packaging can raise a price so high. “Why would anyone want to be paying for how good the product is displayed?” she said.

“I don’t care how cute the product looks,” Robles said. “I only care about how good the product works for me.”

“It doesn’t matter what brand you use,” said the M·A·C employee. “It only matters how you apply the makeup; you can easily work with drugstore brands the same way you can work with expensive brands.”

Tasha Turner writing for MCJ 104 at Fresno State.


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